Whether it be for preventative procedures, like a spay or neuter, or due to illness or injury, there are times in your pets’ life they may need to go under anesthesia. Each Wagly hospital is equipped with a full surgical suite where we can perform surgical procedures such as growth removals, spays/neuters, abdominal procedures, and more.

We know that putting your pet through surgery and anesthesia can be scary for you as a pet parent. Although there are inherent risks any time a pet goes under anesthesia, we offer many safeguards to ensure the anesthetic procedure is as safe as possible. We perform baseline lab work and physical exams before every procedure which allows us to tailor our anesthetic plan unique to each pet. We have a veterinary staff member dedicated to monitoring your pet’s pain and anesthesia, as well as state of the art equipment with which to monitor them. This includes blood pressure, oxygen saturation, end-tidal CO2, ECG, pulse, and temperature monitoring. We place an IV catheter for all anesthetic procedures, provide IV fluids to maintain blood pressure, and provide extensive heat support during and after procedures, all of which help to ensure your pet’s recovery will be as fast and as smooth as possible.

We work hard to ensure your pet receives exceptional multimodal pain management before, during and after any procedure that may prove to be painful. We understand the negative effects that pain can have on healing and your pets’ recovery, and we prioritize pain management with each procedure we perform. Providing multimodal pain management also allows us to use lower amounts of inhalant anesthesia, which helps keep your pet safe during and after their surgical procedure.