Senior care

Providing exceptional care to your pet is a top priority for us at Wagly, especially as their needs change throughout adulthood and when they become “senior.” The exact time a pet is considered senior is different for small dogs, large dogs, and cats, but the one thing they all have in common is that they need outstanding care to ensure they stay happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Senior pets need to be treated uniquely and monitored for diseases that may afflict them later in life, such as arthritis or other chronic diseases.

Here at Wagly, we look at the full picture – What can we do to help your senior pet continue to stay active? How can we enhance their quality of life? How can we help you as a pet parent create the very best experience for them?

Our affordable Healthy Pet Membership Plans for senior dogs and cats are the most comprehensive plans available. Among a number of other items, they include:

Unlimited office visits because we know that you may need to see your vet often at this time.

Extensive diagnostics specifically designed for the senior pet to allow us to monitor their health and screen for disease early and often


Cancer screening

– Glaucoma check

– Thyroid check

– Even their annual dental cleaning with a full set of X-rays is included!