Wellness exams

At Wagly, we believe that maintaining high-quality preventative care is the most important thing we can do to ensure your pet enjoys a long, happy and healthy life. This starts with annual (or more frequent, depending on your pet’s needs) preventative care visits, where your pet will be carefully examined and treated in a way that blends our state-of-the-art technology with the loving care and attention we give to every pet that comes in our door.

We will examine them in a manner consistent with low stress and fear-free handling and will assess every part of their health, including behavioral and physical. We will develop an appropriate plan to ensure we optimize their health and quality of life as well as your bond with them.

Most often this includes parasite prevention, laboratory diagnostics, vaccinations and de-worming.

To make it easy and affordable to ensure your pet receives the best wellness care year round, we offer Wagly Healthy Pet Membership plans, including unlimited office visits, and even full dental cleanings! Please give us a call with any questions about plans, or to schedule your pet’s wellness visit today!